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Bugfix 1.0.1b

Fixed the upload bug. It should now work as intended!

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Sprite Editor updated to 1.0.1

I’ve updated the Sprite Editor to version 1.0.1, which should allow chrome users to use the editor! You can use the editor here!


DrinkMod bugfix update to v0.6.1!

I’ve uploaded a bugfix update! You can download it here (or in the steam workshop): v0.6.1 Fixes WaterCooler works again Fixed rare crash Fixed WaterBottle position on BottleRacks Adjusted the configuration of Thirst need

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Sprite Editor v1.0 released!

Version 1.0 of my Sprite Editor for Prison Architect Mods has been released!


Chad’s Drink Mod updated to v0.6!

I’ve updated my Drink mod to version 0.6! You can download it here (or in the steam workshop): v0.6 Adds Orange Juicer to produce Orange Juice Drink Serving Table to serve Orange Juice Orange Juice to fulfill thirst need Changes New…
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