Chad’s Drink Mod

About the mod

The mod adds thirst to the needs.

There are 3 new objects to fullfill the need at the moment. All have pros and cons:

Water Fountain:
+ cheap
+ no watersource needed (at the moment)
- relative slow
- puddles of water will slow down walking speed
- puddles have to be cleand by cooks, janitors or workmen
- may take some damage when used

Orange Juice:
+ Very healthy (for sure!)
+ no waste or returnable stuff
- needs to be prepared by cooks
- Needs Health to unlock

Water vending Machine:
+ medium cost ($2 per bottle)
+ relative fast (instant thirst fulfill)
+ auto refill (job gets called early)
- produces empty returnable bottles
- slower than the water cooler

Water Cooler:
- expensive
- needs to be unlocked
- needs external supply of papercups and waterbottles
- chance to create garbage if theres no bin
+ relative fast (instant thirst fulfill)
+ can be extended with the cold storage room

Cold Storage Room:
The cold storage room adds the possibility to store ingredients on tables. Fridges will get filled from there. Additinally bottle racks can be placed for storage of water bottles for the water cooler.
But this comes with additional costs: the cooling unit needs a service check every 100 hours. The service can be called via the emergencies menu and is highly recommended!


Version 0.6 PA Αlpha 30 

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  1. Jay

    Are there going to be more mods?


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